Introduction: DIY MOLLE Links

MOLLE is now everywhere. Originally designed for armed forces, it is now popular in airsoft and paintball gear. You can also find it very useful for many other use si here is how to make your own MOLLE links.

You need :

  • A sewing machine and related sewing equipment
  • Some 1" (25mm) webbing
  • ITW Nexus Triglide 1" (25mm) or any other strap length adjustment

The following is for a 3" link but you can adjust the length to your needs.

Step 1: Cut the Webbing

Here I'm going to make a 3" MOLLE link. You can see on the first images how it's made.

To be used on 3" MOLLE pals, you need :

  • 3 inches for the main part
  • 1 extra inch for every ply
  • 2 extra inches for the hook

Total of 14 inches = 35,56cm

If you want to make a 5" MOLLE link, total of 20 inches :

  • 5 inches for the main part
  • 1 extra inch for every ply
  • 2 extra inches for the hook

Step 2: First Ply : the Triglide

  • Fold at 4 inches (10cm)
  • Insert the strap length adjuster
  • Sew all the way this fold, both sides and center to add stiffness

Step 3: The Back Fold

  • Fold back the webbing on the part you just sew
  • Secure with a paper clip

Step 4: The Hook

  • Again, fold the webbing at the same length to create the "hook".
  • Secure this fold : sewing time again !

The hook is now ready !

  • To ease the use, bevel-cut and use a lighter to melt the braid so it doesn't fray

I use the paper clip only for the picture but they are a great help for any sewing projects.

Step 5: Et Voilà !

You just made your own MOLLE Link !

Easy and fast, it allows you to make colorful equipment on a budget.

This was my first Instructables, I hope to post many more soon !

Original post (in french).



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    9 Discussions

    I made it! Thanks for this instructable! I will adapt more pouches to use these links and the MOLLE system.


    Has anyone tried to do this without a sewing machine? Don't have one at my disposal

    1 reply

    If you do a running stitch it will make a good finishing stitch, but invest in a thimble to push the needle through as the webbing can be tough, also use a heavier gauge needle so it dosn't bend , like a denimn or small leatherworking needle

    FYI, Maxpedition uses 3/4 inch webbing and triglides on their TacTies. I own some.

    Thanks for your comment though. I might not have thought of using 1 inch for a more solid hold.

    They are, of course, inspired by Maxpeditions TacTie's ( as I mention it on my blog). Didn't know if I had to mention the brand or no...

    This is one of those items that's so simple it's brilliant. Great instructable. Wish I had found it a few days ago cause I just ordered some.

    I'll definitely be making my own from now on. Thank you.

    I knew there was a reason why I have been collecting straps all these years. Thanks for the great idea!!!