If you've always loved embroidering but you've seen it as too much work sometimes...Here is your answer.  Machine Embroidery!

All you need is a sewing machine, compatible "darning foot" and a couple more things.  It's super easy once you get the hang of it.  And most importantly - it's nifty, gifty and impressive!

I've made my mom a cowboy pillow, myself - the makings of a Charmmy Kitty purse, and future projects will be Christmas gifts.  This is the perfect solution for gifting a personalized item on a budget.  You can see a tie that I did - HERE - and it was from the dollar store!  Pretty awesome.  

Step 1: Needs:

A darning foot compatible with your sewing machine.  (I got mine on ebay for $10 from China.)
Thread, machine, scissors, basics.
Super Solvy - water soluble stabilizer. - Use a coupon!
Fabric or a project idea.
Source image - coloring book, printed image, etc.  OR just freestyle your image.
Embroidery Hoop - optional to stabilize fabric while sewing.

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