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I am absolutely in love with hanging decor and it's a plus if it's functional too!

Mason jars (or any jar!) are multifunctional and look nice - so here's a super simple tutorial to teach you how to hang them up and make use of them! Or you can leave them on the table, it's up to you :)

Step 1: Gather

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You will need:

  • jar with lid
  • twine
  • scissors
  • marker (optional)

Keep in mind, if you don't have a lid you will need to grab some tape. And the twine doesn't have to be extra strong - I'm using butcher's twine and it's holding up just fine!

Step 2: Measure, Cut and Tie

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Take your twine and cut four pieces that are each six or seven times the length of your jar. Do not skimp on the twine as if you only cut four or five times your jar's length, you won't be able to complete the knotted pattern. Loop the pieces of twine at its center and pair it with another piece. You should have 2 pairs.

Take each pair and tie a double knot at the center, I like to mark the center to make it easier when I tie the pieces to each other.

Take the ring off your mason jar (or the whole lid if you prefer) and center the knots in a crossing formation. Then replace the ring or lid.

Step 3: More to Tie

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Once the lid is on, with each separated pairs tie a double knot about a cm or two away from the lid (there should be four pairs = eight strands). Do this to all four pairs.

Now using two pairs, take the two inner strands and tie a loose double knot so that it forms a V shape. This can be as close or as far away from the lid as you like - but do keep in mind that the more v's there are, the more twine you will need.

Do this all the way around, and then move onto the next row until you reach the bottom of the jar.

Step 4: Pattern Complete

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When you have tied v's until you've reach the bottom of the jar, you can then remove the lid and slip off your knots. You will have unfinished ends! Place the knots down so that the initial crossing of the twine is surrounded by the knots, refer to the picture.

Once you've found that cross, place your jar onto it and pull the knots around the jar.

I find it easiest to slip on a row or two, and then pull on the unfinished ends to pull the rest of the knots upwards. With the unfinished ends, tie them together so that you have a loops to hang the jar. And you're done!

Step 5: Multifunctional

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You can also opt to tie the unfinished ends around the jar instead, so that it can hold up the knots and stand on a table instead of hanging. I like to hang them, but when I change it up and put them on a table instead, I just tuck the strands around the mouth of the jar.

Hanging, it makes a great pencil holder and I can see the possibility of it giving off a nautical feel with some sand and seashells. Even if it's empty, it still looks pretty cool.

Standing, I see the same possibilities. What you decide to put in (or not put in) will change the jars completely!

I would like to end this off by saying that you should never put a lit candle inside as your twine may get catch on fire. If you decide to do it with a material that isn't flammable (perhaps wire?) then go ahead, but always safety's first.


OlWolf made it! (author)2016-02-07

Used nylon cord to make this. Adjusted the pattern a bit to hang a solar light-bottle. I started it with a small 3" "jelly jar" as the form, and kept knotting to make the "basket" deeper. Then I threaded a wodden bead on the uprights so I could snub the "basket" down to the cork in the bottle. Tied the uprights to a closed S-hook, and left the tails of the cords long to make a tassel. It's hanging on an eye-screw at the "neighbors' gate" between my back woods and the back of my neighbor's parcel.

I really like this delicate take on macrame! Nice job!

Thank you! The styling of the macrame really changes depending on the thickness of your twine, but I love how delicate it is :)

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