DIY Madame Leota Crystal Ball


Introduction: DIY Madame Leota Crystal Ball

DIY Madame Leota Crystal Ball - Halloween Decoration

Things you will need:

1 10" round vase - Purchased mine at Michaels $10

1 wooden or metal wide based candle holder - $ 1 at a local garage sale

1 black 14" plastic charger place - purchased mine at Michaels $2.49

1 roll of sparkle tulle - purchased at Michaels - $ 3.49

1 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of Matt Photo paper or white card stock

1 can black gloss spray paint - Home Depot $.98

Glue Gun

Access to a laser printer


1. Spray paint the candle holder black - allow to dry

2. Glue the candle holder to the bottom of the charger plate - be sure to center it in the middle

3. Google Madame Leota images - find the one you like copy the image - paste it into a word document

and resize it to maximum size - print the image.

4. Trim the image to approx 3" around the face area.

5. Cut approx 2.5 yards of the tulle - loosely wad tulle up in a ball form - put inside the vase and push it over the

top and back of the vase

6. take photo and position inside the jar up side down - arrange as necessary to get the effect you want

7. place charger upside down over the vase and carefully flip the crystal ball over!

That's it that's all you do to create your very own Madame Leota Crystal Ball display - for an even

more realistic effect try weaving small purple Halloween lights in with the tulle!



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    This is awesome, thank you for sharing.

    Nicely done. Thanks for sharing this!