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This papercraft is so easy to make and it is so nice. You can cover your ugly vases, or your bottles with this origami craft.

Step 1:

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For this you need the following:

- Paper ( at least 120 gr, or thicker)

- A ruler

- A knitting needle

- Glue

- A vase or other vessel that is to be covered

And here's how:

It is important that the paper is so large that it can cover your vase or bottle.
I started by I folding the paper in half , and then keep going , came to the same wide bars . After folding, I have drawn using my ruler and the knitting needle (see instructions) the pattern as you see on the instruction.
After this it helps, when you fold across the lines. That helps with the folding.

Step 2:

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I filled the vase or bottle with water before I put the cover on it. Then it is easier to handle.

Have fun.

Check out my other instructions.


Nice, you can transform any ugly old vase with these! Cool!

Thank you! ;-)

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