DIY Magic Wand and Chest Kit (IR Emitter and Receiver)

Picture of DIY Magic Wand and Chest Kit (IR Emitter and Receiver)
This kit uses an Arduino and electronic parts to detect and react to infra-red light from any infra-red emitting device to include remote control devices, infra-red distance sensor (like on cameras), or trademark-brand Magic wand.   This project requires some electronics and cold soldering skills, but is fairly easy and basic.  Shown is the project using a development board.  It can be completed within a few hours.

The kit is configured to make: 
A.  DIY Magic Wand (IR Emitter).  Infra-Red emitter device.  IR LED needed.
B.  Magic Chest (IR Receiver).  Cardboard Box opens when infra-red is detected.  Arduino, IR photo diode, and servo needed.
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Step 1: DIY Magic Wand (IR Emitter) - Supplies

Picture of DIY Magic Wand (IR Emitter) - Supplies
These instructions describe how to make an Infra-Red Emitter in the shape of a magic wand.  This magic wand is designed to operate similar to a flashlight and should only work with this kit.  The button switch is hidden inside the tube and will activate the IR LED.

8.5 x 11 inch paper or construction paper
IR LED (Radio Shack - Model: 276-142  |  Catalog #: 276-142 ) blue tinted LED
550 ohm resistor (from multi-pack)
9V battery
9V battery connector (Radio Shack - Model: 270-324  |  Catalog #: 270-324)
SPST push button switch (Radio Shack - Model: 275-002 | Catalog #: 275-002)
Conductive Wire Glue (Cold Solder) (Radio Shack - Model: NK5018 | Catalog #: 64-146)

See schematic created at .  The 9V battery will power the circuit.  The push switch will enable power from the positive (+) side of the battery to the positive lead (usually the long side) of the IR LED.  The negative side (usually the short side) of the IR LED is connected to the resistor.  The resistor is connected to the negative (-) side of the battery.