DIY Magnetic Delta Joint


Introduction: DIY Magnetic Delta Joint

I made a Magnetic Delta joint capable of holding 250gms easily. This is a DIY solution, because you can create the joint very easily.

 Here is what is required

1) A M6 Allen bolt
2) A M8 allen bolt
3) 1/2 inch Steel or MS sphere/ball.
4)  A neodymium ring magnet. I used a magnet with an ID of 6mm, OD of 20mm and 6mm thick.

To construct the joint, push the M6 bolt through the magnet, enough that it touched the head of the bolt. Place the steel ball on the side of the bolt where you place the allen wrench. Place the second M8 bolt on the steel ball.



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    4 Discussions

    Yes, I used it in my delta. The only problem is saw is that after 50+prints, I had to replace the steel ball as it had scratches, but it was more of a cosmetic need than anything else

    Have you successfully use this joint in a delta 3d printer, i ´m gonna build one and this idea looks very nice but im not sure with his performance or even reliability

    a 3d printer in a delta configuration


    4 years ago

    Where would you use something like this?