Picture of DIY Magnetic Hooks

This instructable explains how to quickly and cheaply create a magnetic hook, which can hold weights till 500 gms.

Step 1: Things required

Picture of Things required
You will require:
A neodymium magnet
A bottle cap, the kind that is made of metal and can stick to the magnet.
A wood hook, the one with threads.See image for how it looks.

A hacksaw or a pliers that can cut the hook threads.
A knife to remove the rubber linings from within the cap.

rupin.chheda (author) 1 year ago
Yes, I used a soldering iron with an old unused bit.
Its best to remove it before doing the weld, because its easier to remove.

It is very important to remove the rubber/plastic lining, because the strength of the hold is influenced by how good contact there is with the metal.

My experiments showed that the rubber lining decreased the holding weight from 1/2 kgs to somewhere close to 350 gms.
Is it possible to use a small flame like from a lighter to melt the plastic from the bottle cap? In my opinion it seems more dangerous but also more affective to get rid of the plastic easier
rupin.chheda (author) 1 year ago
Thank you!
artworker1 year ago
Awesome idea! Nice way to measure!