DIY Magnetic Locker Pouch

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With school approaching quickly, advertisements are everywhere speaking of locker decorations and school supplies. I have had countless problems with store-bought locker pouches. The ones I have had previously are expensive, not made sturdy enough, and lack a strong magnetic hold to the locker. I knew I could make my own locker pouch for less money and create a sturdier model. So I decided to construct a Magnetic Locker Pouch that would work and be better than store-bought pouches! Click here to view an example of a locker pouch that I am trying to imitate, only better.

  • Duct tape
  • Fabric
  • Cardboard
  • X-acto knife
  • Adhesive Magnetic Stripping
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Step 1: Structure

Picture of Structure
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Begin by cutting your cardboard into the preferred size with your X-acto knife. Then, duct tape the cardboard to give it a glamorous look.

Step 2: The Pouch

Picture of The Pouch
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Hunt down some fabric that matches your duct tape. The fabric doesn't have to be large--it should be just big enough to form a pocket in the front and wrap around to the back. To make the top of your fabric look nice, fold it backward, and duct tape it to create a "hem". Lay the fabric on top of the cardboard base, starting a few inches down from the top of the base. Fold the excess fabric on the bottom to the back, and duct tape it to the base. Duct tape the lower portion of the sides to the back. Adjust the upper sides of the fabric to create the desired pocket depth. Then, duct tape the upper sides to the back of the base in the desired position.

If a neater look is wanted for the back of the base, duct tape over the back once more.
inspiredbyview11 months ago
Really cool!
ilovewrangler11 months ago
do you know any other back to school ones????
kat081411 months ago
Sooo cute. Keep sharing! :)
monkeymania10111 months ago
I have the exact same problems! This is what I'm going to do this afternoon!
KarenInRed11 months ago
Awesome. I was just telling my daughter (who will be a Freshman this year) that we could probably make the things she wanted to buy for her locker. This will be our first project !
jessyratfink11 months ago
That's such a great idea. :D
Jessie Marie (author)  jessyratfink11 months ago
Thank you! :)

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