DIY-Make a Secret Hidden RC Hard-Drive


Introduction: DIY-Make a Secret Hidden RC Hard-Drive

This circuit makes a hidden emergency
HDD to be controllable only by your key,
regardless of how many people use
the same computer.
This HDD should be used only for
Copy and paste, because of low power
of relay batteries, if you want it to work
longer, add more batteries using parallel connection.
Or use a stronger RC Circuit.
This is an electronic Hack to protect the data
from Software Hackers,or some-one you don't
want him to access your data.

A Samimy Production

December 5th-2010
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    Very, very nice! I'd probably modify this so that the receiver uses the power from the computer (as suggested before), but thanks for this idea!

    A very ingenious concept and simple design. You really helped us electronically challenged with detailed instructions and diagrams, thank you!

    wouldnt u have made the internal part powered by the pc, and the key like a small keychain with a switch. i am just wondering why you did this the way you did?

    then a kid drives by with his RC toy running the same frequency outside and turns it on :D

    couldnt ya tap into the hdd power to run the relay

    Wow! This really is genius!! Thanks for the well-produced video. I know what I'm doing this weekend now.