Picture of DIY: Make Your Own Clothing Labels
If you're going to start a business selling your handmade items (or if you just want to make your crafts look fancy), it makes sense to have labels, right? Right!  Here's a tutorial on making your own labels at home, not just for clothing, but for accessories, purses, or any kind of craft!

Overview: You can make machine washable labels using printable Fabric Sheets (about $10 for 3 sheets at Joann's). Basically, you print your design directly onto the fabric sheet, iron the fabric sheet to set the ink, cut label to size and sew the labels into your clothing or other handmade item.
*If you don't want to buy the fabric sheets, you can pre-treat your own cotton fabric with a solution, but that still costs $ and adds another step to the process.  I'm keepin this simple..

If you'd like to see some finished products or view my screen-printing tutorials, check out my etsy shop blog , or follow me on twitter! Also, your constructive feedback on this tutorial is greatly appreciated!  Let me know if you have any questions!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
- Fabric Sheets for inkjet printers (they also have sheets for laser printers). Cost: $9.99 for 3 sheets at Joann's (less if you remember your 40% off coupon!)
- computer & printer
- iron
- cold water
- scissors
- needle & thread or sewing machine

Step 2: Create & Print Your Design

Picture of Create & Print Your Design
Create your design on the computer. I used MS Word to make a basic colored text design. Test print the design onto paper first. Once satisfied, print the design onto your fabric sheet (on the fabric side). You may want to start with just 1 or 2 labels until you get the hang of this, so you don't waste any of your fabric paper.

Step 3: Dry & Iron

Picture of Dry & Iron
Let ink dry for at least 10 minutes. Remove paper backing from sheet. Dry iron on high for 1-2 minutes on design side. (Don't press down too hard with iron or you may distort your image).
llewellyn10122 months ago

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buirv4 years ago
I like it - however, how do you iron on the text?  Wouldn't it come out reverse reading?  I'm still trying to find a way to print text reverse reading so that the ink gets ironed on right reading.  Any ideas?

buirv You will need to check your printer's instructions for can go into either property or tools, for example, and look for the 'mirror image' words and click on that to activate it...You may have to manually go back in after you are done and change it back to what it was before...that is, IF you will even see this 2 years
I believe that this process prints directly onto the fabric. The ironing is merely to set the ink and make it colorfast, so that the garment the label is sewn to can be washed.
anotherway (author)  fgizzardbrain4 years ago
yup, exactly! you print directly onto the fabric; the iron sets the ink..
Great idea! love this. xo
tnapier1074 years ago
I've been looking for labels to add to my garments and there are so expensive. This is a great great Idea
justrho4 years ago
great idea! thanks for sharing!!!
Just curious, what kind of solution would I need to treat fabric with?
*has tons of fabric already*
You can use Bubble Jet to pretreat the fabric..