DIY: Make Your Own Crop Top!


Introduction: DIY: Make Your Own Crop Top!

So, you want to CROP your top? Follow these steps and join the ULTRA fashion revolution!

Step 1: Lose the Sleeves!

Use a sharp pair of scissors and cut the sleeves off your chosen garment.

Tip: Avoid using a knife to reduce jagged edges, unless that's the look you're going for! Be creative!

Step 2: Assess Your Level of Crop!

Mid-length or EXTREME: assess your level of confidence to find the perfect length of how much you should crop!

Step 3: Crop IT!

Execute the CROP!

Step 4: (Optional) Accessorize With Extra Materials!

Step 5: (Optional) Add Holes for AERODYNAMIC Performance!

Step 6: You're Done! CELEBRATE!

Step 7: Still Confused? Watch This Video!



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    2 Discussions

    Awesome 'ible dude!

    Cool shirt! Thanks for sharing. :)