DIY Make-up Mirror With Lights!





Introduction: DIY Make-up Mirror With Lights!

Hey guys!
Here's a fun crafty weekend project for you! If you want a professional makeup mirror, like to DIY and want to save yourself lots of cash...THIS project is a MUST for you! :)
Hope you enjoy! xxx



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    This is the exact mirror that my sister is looking for. I know what my next project will be.... Making this for my sister. Thanks for sharing,

    This is amazingggg. I like to be very hands on when creating things, but very iffy when it comes to doing anything with electrical wiring simple or non-simple as I tend to get jumpy when anything sparks or pops lol. Few tips for girls who want to do this:

    1. Make a smaller version to put on top of your makeup table.

    2.Use LED bulbs. Less heat, more energy saving, lasts way longer.

    3. If you use regular incandescent bulbs, they WILL get very very hot, so be careful! Keep away from children's reach!

    4. If you're the clumsy kind, keep away from your reach too! Place some makeup brush holders or trinkets in front of it to create space between your work-area and the bulb where you won't be shifting things around often.

    5. Add a dimmer to your plug for full control of how bright or dim you want them to be!

    Where's the tutorial ?! :(

    Nice!!! I wish I had seen this a few months ago. We put a light over a mirror. Looks good but yours looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!