Hey guys!
Here's a fun crafty weekend project for you! If you want a professional makeup mirror, like to DIY and want to save yourself lots of cash...THIS project is a MUST for you! :)
Hope you enjoy! xxx
<p>This is amazingggg. I like to be very hands on when creating things, but very iffy when it comes to doing anything with electrical wiring simple or non-simple as I tend to get jumpy when anything sparks or pops lol. </p><p><a href="http://www.decoraport.com/" rel="nofollow">www.decoraport.com</a> Few tips for girls who want to do this: </p><p>1. Make a smaller version to put on top of your makeup table.</p><p>2.Use LED bulbs. Less heat, more energy saving, lasts way longer.</p><p>3. If you use regular incandescent bulbs, they WILL get very very hot, so be careful! Keep away from children's reach!</p><p>4. If you're the clumsy kind, keep away from your reach too! Place some makeup brush holders or trinkets in front of it to create space between your work-area and the bulb where you won't be shifting things around often.</p><p>5. Add a dimmer to your plug for full control of how bright or dim you want them to be!</p>
Where's the tutorial ?! :(
How do we do it!
Nice!!! I wish I had seen this a few months ago. We put a light over a mirror. Looks good but yours looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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