Introduction: DIY Makeup Brush Holder

This is great inexpensive to store your brushes and keep them away from dust and germs. Especially since a lot of women store their brushes in the restroom. It might seem harmless but flushing can actually spread fecal matter to toothbrushes and makeup brushes. Eww I know. So that is why I prefer to keep my brushes in a closed container.

Step 1: First Get a Glass Container With a Lid.

Picture of First Get a Glass Container With a Lid.

First you will need a glass or plastic container with a lid to store your brushes in. I got mine at Marshalls for about three dollars.

Step 2: Next You Will Need Your Fillers.

Picture of Next You Will Need Your Fillers.

You can get these at your local arts and crafts store. I got mine at Michaels.

Step 3: Pour in Fillers

Picture of Pour in Fillers

Pour in fillers. I started with the smaller fillers first. Then I poured in the gem fillers for decorative purposes.

Step 4: Insert Clean Makeup Brushes.

Picture of Insert Clean Makeup Brushes.

Insert your makeup brushes and close container. Now place on your vanity or wherever you store your brushes. That's it!


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