Today i'm gonna show u how do you make your own eye shadows

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So i created my own palette with my own design, name, shades and finish. I'm in love with my mine so i decided to show you guys how did i create mine. This is so easy and affordable! I bought all from ebay for a very low prices! So i wish u all the best and enjoy this DIY tutorial ♥ איך להכין מייקאפ בבית! איך להכין פלטת צלליות לבד בבית!

Easy timing for you♥ Showing my palette - By Valentine eye shadow palette 0:20 My own palette Swatches 0:50 Makeup tutorial using Valentine eyeshadow palette 1:33 How to create your own palette tutorial 3:17 Where to get the products for your own palette and how much is it 6:45 Bloopers 8:45 :)

Products that i used: ♥ Makeup Tutorial: Eyeshadow palette by Valentine ^_^ ♥ 1:40 Sigma Eye Shading Brush E55 1:45 Eye brush by Sigma Beauty E30 - PENCIL 1:55 Real Techniques Brush 2:07 Sigma Blending Brush E25 2:12

Eyeshadow making: Empty Palette 4:18 70% alcohol alcotint at leaste 4:20 Metall eye shadow form 4:21 Plastic cup 4:25 Eye shadow pigments 4:39 Eye shadow sealant by wow 4:30

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Hi everyone! ♥ My name is Valentine and this is my beauty blog. I'm addicted to all the world of beauty, and full of a wish to share it with u. I'm talking about makeup, cosmetics, beauty, fashion, shopping, nails and style. All product that i have/use i buy for my own money. I'm really hope u will enjoy my channel, and i'm really wanna know u'r opinion about that, so let me know :) I wish u all the best in the world ! I Love u and this is a scientific fact ♥♥♥ XOXO Valentine ;) DISCLAIMER: This video is NOT sponsored. Ill let you know if and when that changes!!

<p>Nice tutorial</p>

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