Step 1: In This Tutorial I Show You How to Decorate the Acrylic Storage / Makeup Stand.

Acrylic Storage: http://bit.ly/2anvzAK

Step 2: I Know Most YouTubers Who Talk About Their Makeup Storage Have Rather Large Collections, But I Think That Even a Small Collection Deserves Great Storage!

Step 3: It Makes It Easy to Access to Use When I'm Getting Ready in the Morning and Also Helps Me See What I've Got So I Don't Forget About Anything!

Step 4: I Love This Diy Decorate Makeup Stand, Is So Easy and Beautiful Tutorial.

Step 5: If You're Looking for Some Ideas on How to Store Your Makeup and How to Decorate, I Hope This Instructables Helps Give You Some Creative Ideas!

Step 6: Be Creative!

Step 7: Makeup Stand Is Ready!!!

Thanks for watching !!!!

<p>Turned out really nice :)</p>
<p>Thank you so much!</p>

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