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Ever seen a really pretty phone case in the shops, but it was too expensive???
Well that won't happen anymore!
Make your own!
This marble phone case is a cheap and easy way to get a great phone case, using items that every girl will have in the house already !

Step 1:

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For this, you'll need:
A large cooking bowl
Nail varnish (as many colours as possible!)
A jug of water
Latex medical gloves (optional)
A plain phone case (cheap pound land one)

Start by filling the bowl up with water,
Then, drizzle the nail varnish into the bowl, using different colours to create a cool pattern.
PoojaT7 months ago

OMG! I sooooo want to do this!

It sounds so creative, unique, easy, and FUN!

I want to do this!
emtsevilla1 year ago
purpleleopard12 (author) 1 year ago
I used a clear glass bowl. It had a little bit of staining, but it came off with nail polish remover and washing up liquid
So cool
I'm gonna do this!
purpleleopard12 (author) 1 year ago
Glad you liked it!
Cindy021 year ago
hscw1 year ago