Picture of DIY Marble Phone Case
Ever seen a really pretty phone case in the shops, but it was too expensive???
Well that won't happen anymore!
Make your own!
This marble phone case is a cheap and easy way to get a great phone case, using items that every girl will have in the house already !
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Step 1:

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For this, you'll need:
A large cooking bowl
Nail varnish (as many colours as possible!)
A jug of water
Latex medical gloves (optional)
A plain phone case (cheap pound land one)

Start by filling the bowl up with water,
Then, drizzle the nail varnish into the bowl, using different colours to create a cool pattern.

Step 2:

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Holding the case by the top (near the hole for the camera), dip it into the bowl and slide it around.
Don't cover the whole case, just part of it!

Step 3:

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Leave it out to dry for a while, in the sun, or spray it with quick dry nail spray.

Add some more colour in the bowl, and repeat the step, ensuring that you cover the WHOLE CASE.
Let it dry again!

Step 4:

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Now, your phone case should be finished!
I hope you enjoyed this instructable and that you try it out some time, coz its really worth it!
Bye :)
PoojaT2 months ago

OMG! I sooooo want to do this!

It sounds so creative, unique, easy, and FUN!

I want to do this!
emtsevilla10 months ago
purpleleopard12 (author) 11 months ago
I used a clear glass bowl. It had a little bit of staining, but it came off with nail polish remover and washing up liquid
Winternights11 months ago
So cool
lanna3177611 months ago
Oh and is the nail polish going to stain the bowl or anything?
lanna3177611 months ago
Does it matter if the phone case is black?
lanna3177611 months ago
Can't wait to try!!
xGuardianHaven11 months ago
I'm gonna do this!
purpleleopard12 (author) 1 year ago
Glad you liked it!
Cindy021 year ago
hscw1 year ago