Picture of DIY Mario's Mushroom Toy !!!
Epoxy Clay + Silicone Rubber + Epoxy Resin = Cool DIY toy!

Make your own geometric shaped toy by breaking down your object into non complex geometric parts. This procedure is optimized so that the piece is easily cast and reproduced with the use of a silicone mold and epoxy resin.

I picked this step by step project because of its accessibility and high end result possibilities. Hope this works as kick starter for a lot of people out there that have the drive and want to make their own toys but didn't know where to get started.

Step 1: Things you will need:

Picture of Things you will need:
- Two part epoxy clay;
- Iron wire;
- Isopropyl alcohol;
- Plyers;
- Sandpaper;
- PS (polystyrene) sheet;
- Silicone + catalyst;
- Epoxy resin;
- Rubber gloves;
- Containers for mixing substances;
- Glue stick;
- Glue gun;
- Brush;
- Ruler;
- Utility knife;
- Scissors;
- Spray paint;
- Masking tape;
- Permanent marker.
Ploopy5 months ago

Queria ter resina... :(

Ploopy5 months ago


minecraft? love these make more soon meby halo er mincrift
smelly2103 years ago
cool thanks the game is awesome ***** stars
This is really cool, the mushroom looks perfect!
Jetson_99 (author)  Kaptain Kool4 years ago
Thanks dude! With a little time and patience it's not all that hard of a task... You should definitely try it out!
I will!
Mumu444 years ago
I want one... or two... maybe three...
janacoe4 years ago
great step-by-step explanation! hope this one wins :)
Jetson_99 (author)  janacoe4 years ago
Thanks! You should give a shot at it!... :)
Jetson_99 (author)  patriots88884 years ago
Thanks! Hope you try it out!...