Step 8: PART 04 | Painting.

Cover all the parts you don't want painted red (or any color you want to use in the top of the mushroom for that matter) using masking tape and stickers with the shapes you want. In the mushroom's case I used round stickers to make the dots on its top.

Use the red spray, don't point the can to the object from up close, do it from a distance in thin layers, wait a while in between each coating. You don't want the paint to over accumulate or drip...  Uncover the masked parts.

Use a black permanent marker to paint the eyes and there you have it! Mushroom clone #1!

<p>Queria ter resina... :(</p>
minecraft? love these make more soon meby halo er mincrift
cool thanks the game is awesome ***** stars
This is really cool, the mushroom looks perfect!
Thanks dude! With a little time and patience it's not all that hard of a task... You should definitely try it out!
I will!
I want one... or two... maybe three... <br>
great step-by-step explanation! hope this one wins :)
Thanks! You should give a shot at it!... :)
Thanks! Hope you try it out!...

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