Ever needed to lug a mattress and / or a box spring up or down a few flights of stairs or load it into a car or van? Or worried about having to throw away an otherwise perfectly usable and expensive mattress because of bedbugs?

I thought of this inexpensive out-of-the-box DIY solution using easily available standard components (a few sleeping bags and a zippered mattress cover) that requires no tools or any kind of workmanship - which I am using as a mattress substitute - and it's working great.

The platform bed I am using to go with it is also similarly improvised, out-of-the-box, portable, inexpensive and lightweight, details of which are available at https://www.instructables.com/id/Portable-Improvised-Lightweight-DIY-Substitute-f/

Step 1: Buy Eight Inexpensive Sleeping Bags and One Zippered Mattress Cover

You can use as many or as few sleeping bags as you like - I bought eight 33" x 75" sleeping bags from Wal-Mart for $9 each (as of 05/26/10) - http://www.walmart.com/ip/Ozark-Trail-3-Pound-Sleeping-Bag/8812039.

The only other item I am using is a queen-size zippered vinyl mattress cover I found at Target for $11.99 (as of 05/26/10) - http://www.target.com/Vinyl-Zippered-White-Mattress-Cover/dp/B000BFK7R0 . You could just as well use a zippered cotton mattress cover for a comparable price.
<p>looking at this makes my body hurt, but I think a futon mattress with 2 inch foam topper would be OK if you needed something portable, probably twice the price, but more comfortable? </p>
Great idea.

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