Introduction: DIY Maxi Dress in 15min | #SEWUnited 4 Haiti

'SEW' Creative: Tie Dye DIY Maxi Dress in 15min
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This Ribbed Jersey used to be trash on the streets of Haiti and Honduras and is now high quality fabric that created thousands of purpose-filled jobs along the way.

Shop the Recycled Polyester I used in this Video Here:

Read more about Thread International here and their mission:


'SEW' Creative: DIY Maxi Dress in 15min


Hi DIY Divas

Today's sewing tutorial is inspired by Haiti. The fabric I used used to be trash on the streets of Haiti and is now high quality fabric that creates thousands of jobs for the locals. 'Sew' good and it feels good too!

Sewing is my happy therapy and this week it got an upgrade because I know that my happiness is also allowing others to earn a living a get a good job. And I get to share this with all of you!

The clothing industry is the second most polluting industry on the planet and many fast fashion stores use child and slave labor to create their clothes and keep the prices super low.

I love a bargain just like anyone else but not if it's at the cost someone's dignity or a mum's ability to spend quality time with her baby. If you want to learn more about that watch the documentary 'The True Cost'

That's why I'm 'sew' excited to share the Thread fabric because their mission is 'sew' good and I'm sure you'll be happy to support and spread their message

Enjoy this DIY Tutorial & Thanks for watching!

What sewing machine do you recommend for beginners?
- I use Brother DS140
- Wishlist: Brother CS6000i

What you'll need:
- 1.5 yards/meter of ribbed jersey - BUY it here
- acrylic paint used from
- empty spray bottle
- fabric scissors
- thread
- pins
- sewing machine (I use Brother DS140)

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Step 1: Place a Maxi Dress Next to Your Fabric and Cut the Bottom

Step 2: Mix Acrylic Paint With Water in an Empty Spray Bottle

Step 3: Fold the Fabric and Spray the 2 Colors

Step 4: Open Your Fabric, Let It Dry, Turn It to the Other Side & Repeat

Step 5: Place a Tank Top on Top and Cut the Shoulders & Neckline

Step 6: Cut the Neckline

Step 7: Cut the Arm Openings

Step 8: Hem the Neckline, Arm Openings and Bottom of the Dress

Step 9: Measure the Elastic Around Your Waist, Cut It Then Cut It in Half

Step 10: Pull the Elastic When Sewing. Do This on the Front & Back

Step 11: WATCH the Video Tutorial


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