DIY Maxi Skirt to Dress




Introduction: DIY Maxi Skirt to Dress

I thrifted this button-front, mid-length skirt a while ago, and really liked wearing it up high under my arms and belted as a dress. However, that was strapless--and not the most comfortable! With few simple alterations, and I transformed the skirt into a dress-- with straps! Here's how I did it:
1. I cut a strip of excess fabric from inside the skirt and behind the buttons (making two pieces, 14 inches long)
2. I then folded, ironed, and hemmed the strips into two straps.
3. I cut off the top two buttons of the dress (creating a wide V neckline) and sewed the coordinating button holes shut.
4. Added one of the buttons below the bottom-most existing button to eliminate a high slit.
5. Tried on the dress, pinned the straps, and then sewed in place.



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