DIY Metal Bending tool for bending of reinforcing steel, rod, round, flat, square bars.

It is very suitable for the making of concrete reinforcement cages.

The bender can do bents using the guides of main unit
at 7-12-17-22-27-32-37-42-47 cm

and with the use of the addition

at 5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40-45 cm

Also it is easy and simple to modified, according to your needs.

The plans are avaliable at (.skp) format at "Plan Files Step"

you will need Google SketchUp8 or any newer to open it.

It is a quick and simple build, made from leftover materials, and most of the needed tools exists at any toolbox.

Here is a video of this build, and the tests of the bends with reinforcement bars and flat bars

I have use a disk saw machine to cutting the piece for the bushing, but if you haven't such tool, isn't critical or prohibitive.

Using your angle grinder, a very simple jig and your bench vise, you can do the cut easily and pretty good. (See Step "Preparation of Bushing / Pivot Set").

Also if you haven't the needed taps for tapping, then you can weld nuts. (You can see the sketch at Step "Plan files")

Step 1: Tools and Materials


  1. Angle grinder 115 or 125mm
  2. Cutting disk ø115 x 1mm – (ø4 ½” x 0.04”) or ø125 x 1mm – (ø 5” x 0.04”)
  3. Grinding disk
  4. Saw machine (optional but helpful if any)
  5. Hacksaw
  6. Drill or Drill Press
  7. Welding machine
  8. Magnetic welding square
  9. Tape measure & Vernier
  10. Center punch & Pen Scriber
  11. Flat File
  12. Clamps or Vice grips
  13. Drill bits: ø4mm, ø5mm, ø10mm, ø10.2mm, ø10.5mm, ø12mm, ø16mm,
  14. Taps set: M6x1 & M12x1.75
  15. Tap handle
  16. Countersink
  17. Wrench 19mm
  18. Allen Wrench 5mm & 10mm
  19. Bench vise


  1. 1pcs Tube 38x38x3mm x500mm (main unit)
  2. 1pcs Round stock steel ø25/14x32mm (bushing)
  3. 1pcs Round stock steel ø34/12x20mm (roller die) if it is from hardened steel will be much better (Do Not use a ball bearing as roller die, it is dangerous)
  4. 1pcs Rod ø16x70mm 1pcs (rotating pivot)
  5. 1pcs Rod ø10x600mm or 9pcs x57mm & 1pcs x22mm
  6. 1pcs Flat bar 30x10~15x100mm (bending unit)
  7. 1pcs Flat bar 30x3x100mm (addition)
  8. 1pcs square tube 20x20x1.5mm or heavier (handle)
  9. Hex Socket Bolts: 1pcs M12x60mm, 1pcs M10x30mm
  10. Hex Bolts: 1pcs M12x40mm
  11. Hex Socket Bolts headless 1pcs M6x10mm
  12. Nuts: 4pcs M12, 1pcs M10, 1pcs M16
  13. Washers: 2pcs M12
  14. A piece Scotch Brite, for finishing/polishing of the rotating pivot

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<p>Wow! Impressed. Thanks for sharing. I will be trying to make this over the summer!!</p>
<p>Thanks a lot.</p><p>Good luck at your try. </p><p>If you will need any help, I will be here.</p><p>Regards</p>
<p>So good !!</p>
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<p>You did a fantastic work there. Congrats.</p><p>Please how can i download the materials.</p><p>Thanks</p>
<p>Thanks a lot for you kind words.<br>While you are on the materials step, <br>select the desirable text &gt; right click &gt; then hit copy<br>open your text or document editor &gt;and then hit paste.<br>If you want the photo of materials <br>right click &gt; then hit save picture as, or copy picture<br>or if you are a premium member you can download the complete instructable at .pdf format including all photos and texts. <br>Just click the Download button at the left top corner.<br>Regards</p>
<p>you did a good job.</p>
<p>Thanks a lot.</p>

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