DIY Rainbow Dash Necklace (Metal)




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Introduction: DIY Rainbow Dash Necklace (Metal)

I printed and cut out the design, clamped it to a small piece of thin metal, and traced the design onto the metal with a pencil. Then, I cut  the outline out with scissors, straightened the bent metal, and sanded the edges of the pendant. After that, I clamped the pendant to a piece of wood and drilled a hole through the pendant. Then, I just found this metal necklace thingy and put the pendant on it. If you have the right stuff, you can make your own with a design of your choice.



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    Sorry about my english speaking...

    Hey! be careful! That's not finish it jet! Please, beware with the sharp edges.. use a peace of wood to use it like a frame, glue it, because the tips of the rainbow are very sharp to...

    Do It Yourself Pandabear0524

    I could make that in "10 seconds flat!" Lol

    Cause who wouldn't want a cool necklace of coolest pony?

    pff lol bronies, know way to many of them :D