Building one of these mid-century modern slatted benches, modeled after George Nelson's famous Nelson Platform Bench, has been on my list for quite some time. I finally got around to it and documented the process. This bench can be built with simple tools and materials, as I explain in the Instructable. Let's get started!

Also, don't miss the build video above for more details!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials & Tools

I built this project out of 8/4 Hard Maple and oak, but you could also use a mix of 1x2s and 1x3s from your local home center if you don’t have the equipment to mill rough lumber.

Materials Needed for DIY Mid-Century Modern Slatted Bench Project:

I used quite a few power tools on this build, but they certainly aren't necessary. You can build this entire bench with a circular saw, drill, and sander.

Tools Used On DIY Mid-Century Modern Slatted Bench Project:

<p>Gotta build this one to add to my shop. I will do alternating layers of wood without the slats, I like the strength. I used to make rudders for high performance sailboats on layered hardwoods for good looks and minimize the rudder from torquing, better directional control in heavy weather.<br><br>I want to make it look great, like you did, so my shop will look good in guest situations, and for Instructable videos . I plan on a couple, and I want the place to look great! And your project looks fabulous!. Gonna stain my new workbench (hardwood) for looks and a hard polyurethane top coat. Your &quot;Ible inspired some great ideas for my setup, thanks so very much for posting, I voted you up. It's a fine project, and you could sell these, quality furniture in the right setting, you coudl make a tidy sum of cash!</p>
<p>The finger jointed edge looks awesome.</p>
For reals! That really hit me in the photos, too--simple to present, but man! That looks like hours of work, for a brilliant so-artistic-looking result! Congrats to this Inst'bles author!
Thanks man!
<p>OMG :) isn't that craftsmanship ! it'll take a long time before i can do anything that perfect, but i'll keep on trying. Thanx for sharing :)</p>
<p>Thank you, give it a shot!</p>
<p>Congrats Johnny on getting in the Instructables email. &quot;Staff Picks&quot;</p>
<p>Thanks Chad!</p>
<p>Nice neat Workmanship, well presented....</p>
Beautiful work, man! I voted for you. I made a rough maple top bench with oak legs (dark walnut dowel to cover the leg screw-holes only) last year, &amp; now id love to try this one! (I snagged a great piece of white maple for the top &amp; just had to pull-plane the loose bark from the front edge!). I got no end of compliments from people who walk in my front door and see my puttin' on the shoes bench!<br>Your mid-century wooden artwork would really WOW the relatives!
<p>Great work on your bench! Thanks man.</p>
Am like to chair, good... U art job ☺
another excellent instructable that makes me frustrated I live in the UK where arbors are too short and you don't get dado stacks easily.<br><br>back to nibbling it out with my regular table saw blade.........
<p>Thanks! Yea, that is certainly frustrating.</p>
<p>This looks great! Excellent work on the bench :)</p>
<p>Thanks Ashley!</p>
<p>Stunning work! </p>
<p>Thank you!</p>

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