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Introduction: DIY - Mini Belt Sander

I made a simple Belt Grinder Machine using scrap material.

The electric motor was an original 550w hydromassage pump.

At 2400 rpm, the belt goes to 15 m / s.

The base is made of 120 mm "C" iron profile.

The wheels are original spare parts of 125mm rotating-wheels for 30mm width.

The machine it's built for use the same belt of another belt sander I have, but split for three (4x36 belt).

Step 1: Motor Flange Adapt

The electric motor was an original hydromassage pump (In the image the first to the left).
For this project, I need to remove the impeller and modify the flange on the lathe.

I build a motor Arbor's adapter for extending and to host the wheel.

Step 2: Make the Base Frame

The base is made with two pieces 120 mm "C" iron profile.

The horizontal piece supports the motor and under the electrical connections and motor's capacitor.

On vertical piece, I made slots for the support tables and flat plates.

On back the vertical pillar for upper wheel support.

Spring inside the vertical pillar keeps sanding belt tight on wheels.

To cover the electrical contacts, with a scrap aluminum plate I made the bottom cover of the base.

I used a Sheet Metal Shears and a hydraulic press.

Step 3: Make Support Tables and Flat Platens

With some pieces of metal, I made the fixed table supports for sanding and support platen provides flat sanding surface.

Step 4: Make Upper Frame

The upper frame is made for supporting the wheel bearings hub.

The frame has the shape of an "L".

On the top a cross hole as a hinge and a slot for bearing hub.

The bearings hub is hinged on the frame and a screw knob it allows adjustable wheel tilt.

The bearing hub is made on a lathe.

Step 5: Finish

And finally the wheels.....

The machine works very well and I'm very happy about has done.

This project it's made in mind without a blueprint.



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I like your machine. Does anyone have any ideas on how to source wheels cheaply? Every place I have looked, the wheels are VERY expensive! Any ideas maybe on making your own? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Great build, I will definitely use this for inspiration, I wonder about the wheels. Is it spare parts for a belt sander or just standard wheels for a cart or similar?


The wheels are original spare parts of 125mm rotating-wheels for 30mm.

You can find them in rubber or Polypropylene.

Very nicely build. My only question is, why didn't you go for a much wider belt setup? The motor could easily drive a lot wide belt and that would make the belts last longer as well, more area to use. But nice build anyway. Thumbs Up!

Hi gm280,
I chose this setup because I use the same belt of another belt sander I have but split for three (4x36 belt).

This machine it's made for fine work.

Thanks for thumbs up ;)

Hi! Would You advice, how You split the belt? If You use knife blade, do You start inside the belt or do You use a cutting jig etc?

Hi, for split the belt, it's enough Just a small cut, about 4 cm,
then just pull it.
The fiber in the belt will guide the cut.


Greetings from England...I'm looking forward to coming over again to Italy in a few weeks time. I love the country that you live in.

Congratulations on producing this excellent instructable. The final product is great quality. I'm very impressed by all the different engineering processes that you have used while you were making this machine. It looks good, it is made to a high quality, it works very well, and in every way it demonstrates what Instructables is all about.

Thank you very much!