Picture of DIY Mini Camera Crane

This DIY camera crane is perfect for those who want something light, portable and simple.  This tutorial will work for any size of crane.  Click here for more information, sample footage, and photos: http://.unitips.ca/?p=237 

fokusco3 years ago
That's really cool! I work at a machine shop where we manufacture parts for Kessler Crane, it's interesting to see something so simple work just as well as some of the high-dollar tools that we make.

I'm not much (at all, really) into the art of filming but I may throw one of these together just to make home videos a bit more entertaining. I may make a few modifications to make it a bit fancier, only because I have the resources available. Sturdier brackets and such, I can make with my cnc plas table.

Kudos my friend, kudos.
Theunihopper (author)  fokusco3 years ago
Thanks, good luck with the build!
TheGeek19843 years ago
So, about how much did this cost? Not counting the tripod.
Theunihopper (author)  TheGeek19843 years ago
The crane cost about $20 for sheet metal, electrical conduit and hardware.