Miniatures are fun to make, I used to make miniature sculptures when was in school but I don't anymore. Among all kinds of miniature crafts 'miniature garden' is my favorite! they look so fresh and adorable.

While and after making my first miniature garden I've learned a lot about mini gardens, such as- how to make mini garden decors by myself, what kind of plants are good for mini gardens, how to take care of them and so on.

This time I wanted to take my miniature garden skill to the next level and I'm really happy with how it turned out :D

In this ible I've tried mt best to show the instructions of every single decors of this miniature garden. I hope this ible is helpful :)

Step 1: Things You'll Need

To make this garden you'll need:
  • A concrete pot - it should have a drainage system for excess water,
  • Soil mix and sand,
  • Plants - suitable for mini garden,

For decoration:

This is the fun part, you don't have to buy a single piece of decoration for this mini garden because I'll show you how to make all these mini stuffs :D
  1. Small tree branches, sticks,
  2. Glue (hot glue, white glue, wood glue),
  3. Scissor, utility knife,
  4. crafting Paper,
  5. Thick paper,
  6. paint and brush,
  7. Concrete mix,
  8. others....

<p>Gonna have a go sounds awesome !!</p>
its awesome.. i will try my best to make it :)
<p>how do you water without mixing the sand and soil?</p><p>And i love your instructable it is so detailed and awesome</p>
<p>The sand layer on the top got mixed with the soil eventually. </p><p>Thanks so much! Very happy to know that :)</p>
<p>Thank you for sharing your ideas. This is great. I appreciate your time to make this available.</p>
<p>No problem! I love to share craft ideas, I'm very happy to know you like them.</p>
<p>very cute :)</p>
So cutttte
Cute!(you should make little gnomes!):)
<p>Congratulation Munah! Only today I had the time to check.</p>
Congratulations muhaiminah...cool prizes ha..! :) :D
<p>Thanks sis! yeah, can't wait to receive the camera :)</p>
Wow.. 2nd prize. Congratulations Muhaiminah :)
<p>Thanks Tarun! I really wanted the camera, sooo excited :D</p>
<p>Congratulations!Even though you are busy with your books ,ible is not letting you go :D</p>
<p>Thanks Ayesha! true, miss posting ibles, might post some very soon :p</p>
<p>so adorable !</p>
<p>Thanks shazni!</p>
Beautiful and creative!
<p>Thanks a bunch!</p>
<p>just wow! mind blowing work.</p>
I think I'll be making mine tomorrow!! :-) thanks for the inspiration! I have only done a mini succulent Forrest. But that was years ago. So much fun and the finished product is worth the time and effort!
<p>No problem! I'm sure you'll have fun making another one, the tiny garden accessories are fun to make :)</p><p>share a picture if you make one.</p>
Super cute, I love how you have used the mini chandani plant as a tree. :-)
<p>Thanks! didin't know the plants exact name, thanks for telling :)</p>
Actually this plant has white star shaped flowers, at night when the plant is at Bloom they look like chandani. So named.
<p>Ohw, can't wait to see the flowers blooming, it would make the garden look nicer :)</p>
<p>In my terrace garden , Oct' 2013</p>
<p>ohhh wow! ... it looks awesome! </p>
<p>Hey! I see that you have upgraded this project from your old weekend Project which you won.This is also very nice and colorful.I love gardning and find this really cool.</p>
<p>Thanks! yes I have. I've learned a lot about miniature gardening from the first one so I wanted to go for an extended version :D thanks again!</p>
<p>Aaaaaaaw the miniatures you make are so incredibily cute!!! There's so much creativity in them. I love it!</p>
<p>Thanks Linda! really happy to know you love it :D</p>
Awesome :-) I Can't wait to make one! :-) Please post more pics of it as it grows. And if you make another one? We would love to see pics of it/them also . :-) :-) :-)
<p>Thanks! glad you like it :) I do have plans of making more miniature gardens of different themes :D I'll post tutorials.</p>
<p>Very cute. I think I will make a tinier one like this and have a small hello kitty inhabit the little cabin. I think it will make for a nice conversational piece in the living room.</p>
<p>Thank you! sounds great! if you make one do share a picture here :)</p>
<p>love it!</p>

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