DIY Mini H-Bridge for Arduino


Introduction: DIY Mini H-Bridge for Arduino

Step 1: Part List, Circuit and PCB

Small H-bridge for two direction motor control with arduino.

Designed for breadboard use.

Part list:

- L9110S SMD motor driver IC

- 0805 1K resistor (2x)


Motor connected to the M+ and M- pins.

Motor powered on the MVcc pin with external battery (or from arduino 5v)

The external battery gnd is common with arduino.

The L9110S controlled on I1 and I2 pin.

If I1 input high, M+ output high, M- outputlow. (motor turn one way)

If I2 input high, M+ output low, M- output high (motor turn another way)

Have fun.



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    4 Discussions

    Nice motor driver. I would very much like to have a dual motor driver. Would you be willing to help create a dual driver board?

    Smart idea! Thanks for shearig :)

    Thats great, good luck with your robot. I will use it with a little modification on my first arduino quadcopter.