DIY Mini Mill Router Machine by Slide Axis CNC and Aluminium Alloy Profile very cheap

Parts and Tools:

4 or 6 or 8 SCS10UU 20 mm Linear Ball Bearing Motion Bearing CNC

2 x 300 mm 20 mm Linear Rails

2 x 400 mm 20 mm Linear Rails

2 pcs Aluminium Alloy Profile 400 mm x 80 mm

2 pcs Aluminium Alloy Profile 300 mm x 80 mm

Aluminium Alloy 6061 400 mm x 120 mm x 12 mm.

Linear shaft 25 mm x 600 mm aixs

Linear shaft 11 mm x 300 mm aixs

1 pcs SHF25 25mm Linear Rail Shaft Support XYZ Table

1 pcs 25mm Linear Ball Bearing CNC

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