Picture of DIY Mini Sketchbook, For Artists On The Go!
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Step 1: Materials!

Picture of Materials!
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You'll need:
Paper, I'm using 4 pieces.
2 little rubber bands (like from the rainbow loom)
And cardboard, any type, corrugated or cereal box cardboard is fine.

Step 2: Fold And Cut Paper

Picture of Fold And Cut Paper
Fold the paper in half twice and then cut a little of the top off, you should be able to flip through it.

Step 3: Cut The Cardboard!

Picture of Cut The Cardboard!
Cut two pieces of cardboard to the same size as the paper.

Step 4: Make Holes In It!

Picture of Make Holes In It!
Using scissors, a hole punch or an xacto knife, make two holes in the paper and cardboard (make sure they're in the same spot)

Step 5: Cut The Rubber Bands Or String And Connect Them

Picture of Cut The Rubber Bands Or String And Connect Them
Cut the rubber band/string, and tie it through the holes. (I decided to use string)

Step 6: Decorate!!!

Decorate it!

Step 7: Quicker Way!

Quicker way!!! Cut the paper and cardboard into squares and ducttape the paper to the cardboard and decorate! (I made this quicker way because I messed my longer way one up.. lol)

Step 8: Done!

Picture of Done!
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You are done!
taz84305 months ago

you could have taken more time