DIY Mini Table Saw Handmade Woodworking Model Saw


Introduction: DIY Mini Table Saw Handmade Woodworking Model Saw

Motor Power:DC 12-24V Load-free Speed:3000-5000RFP take from old hand drill

Battery 18650 3v7 take from old Laptop batteries module

Maximum Cutting Thickness:1 4mm Saw Blade Size:60X0.8mm(D*T)

Size:180 X 180 X 50mm


Durable and stable with thickend wood material Strong cutting power with 775Nm torque motor High concentricity with 60mm HSS saw blade Precise machining with ruler Motor and spindle saw blade separate design chip removal easier Large thermal holes before and after design enable the motor temperature low then prolong the continuous working time 7 class adjustable power adapter Compact size,easy to use ideal for model DIY usage:

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    It's hard to be nice when the videos have been removed and there is nothing else in the instructable on how to make it

    Did you mean "RPM" in the first sentence?

    For some reason there is no sound when I try to view this what is the chuck and where do you get it?

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