Let this project take you to a special place - It's fun, easy and relaxing. See moss and fern care instructions, support how to videos and garden element sources here in the video description.

Sources For Ferns and Moss: Mini Ferns: Hirt's Gardens - http://hirts.com/ Moss: Teresa's Plants and More - http://TeresasPlants.com/

Bonsai Pots: http://Ebay.com/

Sand, Stones and Pebbles: http://eBay.com Your local hardware store

Organic Soil: Your Local Hardware Store http://TeresasPlants.com/

Video: How To Sculpt A Miniature Pagoda In Polymer Clay https://youtu.be/Gn1l1vzmCkE/

Video Playlist: How To Do Realistic Faux Finishes - Aged Bronze, Green Patina, Stone and Ivory: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOL29Ud5POft6_GRyX-x_QSaAsx9xXb7K/ Please Note: It is not recommended to use spray paint on polymer clay. Instead, use acrylic paint.

Moss and Fern Care Keep your moss and fern in bright, indirect sunlight. Mist to water the moss and keep moss moist but not soaked. Mist your fern at least every couple days. Water the fern directly to the base of the plant every few days.

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