Picture of DIY Minion Halloween Mascot Costume
This minion cost about $6 to make. I used white poster board, hot glue, foam, felt,  and jean. I made this for my son, he also wanted to be Sonic which you can find on this site too. The Sonic took my awhile, this costume only took a couple days and I let it dry overnight before decorating it. www.JJsHalloweenOutlet.com
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Step 1: Step 1 Paper Mache Body

Picture of Step 1 Paper Mache Body
I used plastic chicken wire to make a form for the paper mache head. It would be easier to just use a large balloon. I used about 5 layers and let it dry over night. I then glued and taped white poster board to form the body. I cut the arm holes and let my son try it on. I ended up paper macheing the entire thing because the post board just wasn't strong enough. Next time I will just use cardboard.

Step 2: Step 2 Body

Picture of Step 2 Body
I used a foam noodle to add more structure to the bottom, but if you use cardboard you won't have to do this step at all.

Step 3: Step 3 Yellow Fabric cover

Picture of Step 3 Yellow Fabric cover
I cut the hole in front for the eye. The eye and arms are so much easier to cut before you cover them with fabric. I used 1 yard of fabric between the body and the arms. I just the fabric into 4 sections and cut them at an angle to make a point at the top of each piece. Then I sewed them together all the way through and it should make somewhat of a dome shape. pulled the fabric over the body and glued at the bottom edge to secure. I then cut the fabric over the opening for the eye and glued it on the inside.

Step 4: Step 4 Jean Jumper

Picture of Step 4 Jean Jumper
I used a jean dress for the bibs. The fabric was lighter weight and didn't need much but a trim at the bottom. I also made longer straps and then glued everything down.

Step 5: Step 5 Arms

Picture of Step 5 Arms
The arms are really optional. Your child wearing a yellow shirt would be easier. I'm not a great at sewing so I cut a strip a little large than my sons arm (length and width) and then I hand sewed it on. If you do this but the seam of the arm at the bottom :(  You can tell in my picture it's at the top lol

Step 6: Step 6 The Face

Picture of Step 6 The Face
minion 005.JPG
The eye was a good spot for my 10 year old to see out of. I used my Cricut to cut the circle but you can buy these precut. You can try by hand but it never looks even. I used white foam for the eye and then glued a sheer black fabric on the back. Make sure the white to larger then the eye hole precut on the body. This will cover any imperfections too. I also used foam for the goggle with a black fabric strap. The mouth is black foam with white foam teeth. I cut the tongue out of felt and  glued a thin sliver of black in the middle.

Step 7: Step 7 Details

Picture of Step 7 Details
minion 009.JPG
The Minions usually have a logo on the front pocket of their bibs. I put my store logo on it though. The hair is slivers of black felt, hand sewn on.    My 6 year old is wearing it in the picture, but it should be just right for my 10 year old.  Good Luck!
sharls9 months ago

Love it. Love the mouth.

ambur011 year ago
Do you happen to have a picture of how you cut the yellow fabric? I'm trying to visualize but cannot figure out how you did it.
lol I think the base looks funny I voted for u
zomfibame1 year ago
heeeee heeeeeee.... awesome
jleighkrupp (author)  zomfibame1 year ago
eth1232 years ago
Be my minon
that is really awesom I luv this
jleighkrupp (author)  sickdevotee632 years ago
Thanks so much!!
poofrabbit2 years ago
This is super cute! I didn't know you could get plastic chicken wire, I've used the metal before to create large forms, but it kills hands after a while. I'm so excited to learn of a new material!! Nice work!
jleighkrupp (author)  poofrabbit2 years ago
Thanks so much!! I probably won't use the plastic chicken wire again, it didn't hold it's shape well. I will use a balloon or a beach ball next time. Good luck, I'd love to see it when you're done!!!
auntylulu2 years ago
Thanks Mom, you're Awesome!
jleighkrupp (author)  auntylulu2 years ago
Lol thanks!