Picture of DIY Minion Halloween Mascot Costume
This minion cost about $6 to make. I used white poster board, hot glue, foam, felt,  and jean. I made this for my son, he also wanted to be Sonic which you can find on this site too. The Sonic took my awhile, this costume only took a couple days and I let it dry overnight before decorating it. www.JJsHalloweenOutlet.com

Step 1: Step 1 Paper Mache Body

Picture of Step 1 Paper Mache Body
I used plastic chicken wire to make a form for the paper mache head. It would be easier to just use a large balloon. I used about 5 layers and let it dry over night. I then glued and taped white poster board to form the body. I cut the arm holes and let my son try it on. I ended up paper macheing the entire thing because the post board just wasn't strong enough. Next time I will just use cardboard.
sharls10 months ago

Love it. Love the mouth.

ambur011 year ago
Do you happen to have a picture of how you cut the yellow fabric? I'm trying to visualize but cannot figure out how you did it.
lol I think the base looks funny I voted for u
zomfibame2 years ago
heeeee heeeeeee.... awesome
jleighkrupp (author)  zomfibame2 years ago
eth1232 years ago
Be my minon
that is really awesom I luv this
jleighkrupp (author)  sickdevotee632 years ago
Thanks so much!!
poofrabbit2 years ago
This is super cute! I didn't know you could get plastic chicken wire, I've used the metal before to create large forms, but it kills hands after a while. I'm so excited to learn of a new material!! Nice work!
jleighkrupp (author)  poofrabbit2 years ago
Thanks so much!! I probably won't use the plastic chicken wire again, it didn't hold it's shape well. I will use a balloon or a beach ball next time. Good luck, I'd love to see it when you're done!!!
auntylulu2 years ago
Thanks Mom, you're Awesome!
jleighkrupp (author)  auntylulu2 years ago
Lol thanks!