Introduction: DIY Modern Curved Plywood Lounger Chair

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This week, we decided to put our design and engineering skills to the test by building a wooden live hinge lounge chair. The chair is made from 3/4" plywood and has walnut end caps. We used a technique called live hinge, where you take out material in a uniform pattern, which allows the plywood to compress and then bend.

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X-Carve Machine:

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------Check Out All The Tools We Use!------

• Saw Stop Table Saw:

• Jig Saw:

• Sander:

• X-Carve Machine:

-------Products Used-------

• Half a sheet of 3/4" Birch plywood

• Waterlox Finish:

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Step 1: Cut Your Plywood to Size

Picture of Cut Your Plywood to Size

You will need a 30" x 24" piece of 3/4" plywood.

Step 2: CNC the Live Hinge.

Picture of CNC the Live Hinge.

We used the Inventables X-Carve to cut our live hinge. You could use a jig saw if you don't have access to a cnc.

Here are the files we used:

X-Carve Machine:

Step 3: Cut the Tongue & Groove Joint

Picture of Cut the Tongue & Groove Joint

We decided to attach Walnut on either end of our plywood for added interest. The walnut is 3/4" x 5" x 24". We cut a groove in the end of the plywood and a tongue in the walnut. Use clamps and glue to join them together.

Step 4: Cutting Slots for Straps

Picture of Cutting Slots for Straps

At both ends of the chair you need to cut a slot that is 1/8" x 1" all the way through the walnut. You will use this slot to attach the straps later.

Step 5: Making the Legs

Picture of Making the Legs

Cut the legs out using the build files below. You will need to make two pairs of 3/4" plywood legs. Glue two pieces together to form a thicker leg. Lastly attach the legs to the chair with glue and screws. We plugged the holes to give a seamless look.

Step 6: Add the Finish

Picture of Add the Finish

We used a product called Waterlox to finish our chair. This is a super durable tung oil and resin infused finish.

Check it out here:

Step 7: Add Your Straps

Picture of Add Your Straps

We used 1" wide webbing straps for holding the chair up. We used rivets to attach the straps and an adjustable connector to allow you to adjust the back position.


rayp1511 (author)2017-10-20

Interesting, this live hinge concept. I like the adjustable strap idea too. Nice work.

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