Step 5: E-reader straps and Inner Spine

Picture of E-reader straps and Inner Spine
The next thing was figuring out how to secure the e-reader so that you could open the cover and not worry about losing your reader. I tried some kind of pocket at first, and that didn't go so well, so then I started paying attention to other people's e-reader covers and I came up with a design that worked much better. 

Taking the right side panel, you are going to affix little elastic pieces to each corner to strap the reader down. I hot glued little pieces of vinyl to each elastic piece to ensure an extra secure hold. You basically want just enough elastic to let the reader barely fit because if it's too loose, the purpose of having it there in the first place is defeated. My elastic was probably about 3 inches and that allowed room for me to glue it. 

So, you have a left panel with no elastic and a right panel with 4 elastics. In order to finish the project, you need to cover the spine somehow. I did this with a piece of fabric that was about 5 inches wide. I folded it in and hot glued it at the top and bottom to create an even edge that wouldn't fray, and glued it to the e-reader while it was folded completely open. By this, I mean that the front flap was tucked all the way under the back flap. I glued the spine fabric like this so that I would be able to hold the reader in one hand while on the bus, train, or wherever I may want to read.