Picture of DIY Money Jar
Need a place to store your coins and loose change? Rather than leaving it on the nearest table or countertop to collect dust, make this quick DIY Money Jar in less than ten minutes out of everyday household items! Soon you will be collecting coins like a pro and have enough change for that wanted trip to the arcade!

  • Duct tape
  • Clean lemonade jar (I used a Minute Maid Light Lemonade jar)
  • Permanent marker


Step 1: Duct Tape

Picture of Duct Tape
You will be duct taping over two sides, leaving a gap in between each for labels. First, duct tape from the bottom to the neck of the bottle, covering the front label. On both sides of the duct taped region, skip over a clear area of about 2 inches. Lastly, duct tape over the back label with the nutrition facts.