This is a DIY Money safe using a picture frame If you want to download this instructable please click this link http://6889de20.realfiles.net

Step 1: Materials

You wll need : a picture frame and some money to hide.

Step 2: Open It

Open your picture frame and put your money behind your picture.

Step 3: Your Finished!

Now your secret money safe will protect your money!
Please remove the linkbucks.com link - it is effectively, if not actually SPAM.<br /> <br /> L
Actually burglars find this fast, usually when they break in, keeping the place nice isn't their priority. They want the most money in the shortest amount of time, and they'll flip your house upside down for it.<br /> <br /> What I'm trying to say is that they'll pull out every dresser, break any valuables&nbsp;(or take them, which is why you should NEVER hide money in a PS3, like an extra gift for them later) and they'll break your picture frames.<br /> <br /> Oh btw, I've never been robbed, I own no valuables and all my money's in the bank :P<br />
Why would you make an instructables about this, it's just a simple trick...<br /> Nicely done tough :D<br />
Great!&nbsp;My sercet's out! I better move my 100 dollar to other place mmmm<br />
my mum would find it fast
It's dark and a bit fuzzy - have got a flash or some stronger lighting in the house? L

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