Picture of DIY Money Wheel
Take the wheel for a spin and win some Cash... ranging from $.25 to $10!
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Step 1: Materials

You will need:
banana stand
Paper Plate
Duct tape
Binder Clip
Hot Glue Gun

Step 2: Making the Wheel

To make the wheel, gather your plate, sharpie, hot glue gun, nails, and ruler.
To make the "slot", first draw a line, and the next line should be 2.5 inches from the first line.
After you are done, take a small circle item, and trace in the middle of the plate where all the lines intersect.  
You may color the inner circle if you choose.
Trace the outer lines with a sharpie.
Add the nails to each of the lines, and one in the middle
Write in correct money values.

Step 3: The Stand

Picture of The Stand
112611 036.JPG
112611 037.JPG
112611 038.JPG
To make the stand, gather the banana stand, duct tape, eraser, screwdriver, clamp, and binder clip.
Duct tape the screw driver to the top of the stand, so the driver part sticks out (this will be used to spin the wheel.)
Insert the plate onto the screwdriver, and then the eraser goes into the screwdriver over the plate (so the wheel does not go all wiggly) 
Cut out a triangle shape out of duct tape, and attach to binder clip.
attach the binder clip to the clamp, and bend so the arrow is pointing down.
Find where the point is that the duct tape arrow will spin at, and duct tape the clamp to the stand.


Picture of TAKE A SPIN
So here's how it works...
It's a gambling game...
Have someone pay you five dollars to play, give them one spin, and what they land on they can keep.