Aren't these adorable? They are made out of tissue boxes, tissue paper, and a green sponge. Lots of recycling going on! These can be made in several colors and are great for boys or girls. I made these for my 9 year old sister and she loves them. These were very easy to make and only took a few hours (most of which was drying time). I hope everyone enjoys this instructable!

Step 1: Inspiration

Last week I found a really cute picture of shoes similar to this online. I thought that they were really cute but it was just a picture with no instructions, description or links. From the picture that I saw, I could tell that the shoes had tissue paper on the outside and little sponges for claws. Today I tried to recreate what I saw and I think they turned out pretty well!
I wanna make this for my 7 year old brother. Are you able to use paint or acrylic paints?
Did you want to replace the mod podge with acrylic paint? I don't think that would work but you can just mix elmer's glue with water and it becomes just like mod podge.
i like this playful product
I like your Monster shoes! :)
Thanks! :D
This made me laugh, I remember making something like this as a kid, not quite as nice as this though. Adorable instructable!
Thank you! :D
So cute! Any kid would love these! <br>Sunshiine
Thanks Sunshiine!
<strong>Darling!!!</strong>&nbsp;<br> <br> lol... I might just make a pair for Halloween... for <u>myself</u>! ;-D
great project!
Thanks Emily! :D
you're welcome :)

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