Picture of DIY Mosaic Keepsake Boxes
Personally I love having boxes to store precious memorabilia and often time it is hard to find the perfect box for that special something, so I decided it was nigh time I create one of my own.

1. Stone Mosaic Tiles ( I got my tub from Michael’s)
2. Painters Tape
3. Paint Brushes
4. Keepsake Box (This can be made from stiff cardboard or wood, whatever you prefer.)
5. Gloss Paint (Gloss because you need less coats and it creates a nice sheen when dry.)
6. Tacky Glue (If you can find it use the kind that comes with a brush)
7. (Not Pictured) Liquid Gold Leaf  *optional
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Step 1:

Picture of
Step One:
To get started I like to lay out my tiles before gluing. This helps me have an even spread of color, find the choice pieces and make sure everything lines up. When designing my boxes I found that the tile size didn’t allow for full coverage of the lid. With the suggestion of one of my besties, Kat, I kept a board around the edge for gold leafing.

Step 2:

Picture of
Step Two:
Once all my tile were laid out I taped off my border with painters tape. This helps you remember where your edges are when gluing. Be gentle so you don’t knock your tiles out of alignment.

*Tip: For keeping you color placement at the ready I used a large flat object and placed it over the top of my lid. Very quickly I flipped the lid over, transferring the design to the flat surface, leaving the taped lid free to work with. Sometime I had to re-arrange a few of the tiles but this is the best way for moving them off the surface while retaining the design you spent time creating.
nice... love this one..
Beautiful! Love all the colored tiles you chose :)
love it!!!
This is beautiful!
foobear2 years ago
its pretty