Hi! Friends, In this Instructable I would like to show how I made a motorcycle showpiece. Here, we use a nail polish container, ball bearings, iron rod, nuts & bolts etc to make the motorcycle model. Choose a nail polish container having an appropriate shape as shown in the video. Ball bearings form the wheels of the bike. A combination of worm and nuts & bolts form the engine part. All parts are glued in position using a solvent cement. Finally, the motorcycle showpiece is spray painted.

Kindly watch the embedded video for visual tutorial.

[ I am not a native English speaker. So kindly forgive me if my English is poor.]

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Materials Required:

1) Nail polish container

2) Iron rod

3) Nuts & bolts

4) 2 x Ball bearings

5) Worm gear

6) Copper wire

7) Pen

8) Beverage can

Tools Required:

1) Scissors

2) Pliers

3) Flex kwik (solvent cement)

4) Spray paint

<p>I love this type of thing, really cool!</p>
<p>Thank You! WOnky.</p>
<p>I like it !</p>
<p>Thank You!</p>
<p>wow my dad would have a blast making this. :)</p>
<p>Me too had a lot of fun making this!</p>
<p>Great use of ordinary objects to create a whole new one! Love the end result.</p>
<p>Thank You mxx.</p>
Well done. Love when ordinary every day objects can be turned into something completely different. I also happen to love these nut and bolt creations.
<p>Thank You!</p>
<p>I recognized the nuts in the first picture right away. I do not think I would have noticed the nail polish bottle if you hadn't pointed it out. You are very clever. It takes a certain focus to see the shapes of things instead of their original intended use. </p><p>Great job.</p>
<p>Thank You! mrsmerwin</p>

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