DIY Muffin & Cupcake Pan (Quick & Easy)





Introduction: DIY Muffin & Cupcake Pan (Quick & Easy)

Craving Muffins but don't have a muffin tray? Made too much batter and don't have enough muffin trays? So was I and here is the solution!

Made with standard kitchen supplies in minutes.

Step 1: Materials:

-1 Upside-down Glass: where the size of the bottom is roughly what you estimate a muffin tray to be.

-Parchment Paper


-Scissors (Optional)

-Backing Sheet: (optional)

Step 2: Prep:

Cut a section of parchment paper. Roughly 8"x8", you can adjust for the next one as you see fit.

Cut a section of tinfoil. Approximately the same size as the parchment paper. (Hint: if you fold tinfoil to make a crease it tears along the line very nicely.)

Step 3: Tray Liner

Place the parchment paper section over your upside-down glass and crease it down by hand. It should hold the shape fairly well.

This will act as our muffin cups / paper liner. (You could use actual cupcake liners if you have them.)

Step 4: Tray Forming

Place the tinfoil section over the parchment paper that's still on the glass. Fold it down and squeeze it so it takes the shape of the cup. (Crinkles add strength!)

Step 5: Fold Back the Tinfoil

Fold the tinfoil ends back up to create a nice edge and your desired tray depth. This will also add some strength to the form.

Step 6: Trim Parchment Paper

-Slide the tinfoil & parchment paper off the cup.

-Trim off the extra parchment paper down to the tinfoil height.

Step 7: Baking Time!

You're Done!

Just repeat the steps to make as many muffin trays as you want.



-Place them on a baking sheet for easy oven moving. (You could put them directly on the rack if you prefer.)

-When finished, the parchment paper & muffin should slide out of the tinfoil holder easily. You can then reuse the tinfoil section by just repeating the parchment paper steps!


Enjoy your food!



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This is a great baking hack. Thanks for sharing!

No problem! I looked everywhere and couldn't find an easy solution so I made one up.