Step 12: The Projector Lens

Picture of The Projector Lens
I was really lucky, because the projector lens I'm using has some sort of metal support, and the height was almost exactly with the centre of the LCD. All I had to do was drill a couple of holes to fit it to the wood.

torress19904 years ago
hello, how i could calculate what lens do i need ? and maybe do you know from where i should get cheapy lens for trying projectro ? thanks
An_War4 years ago
how large is your projected image?

and how to add s-video to car monitor?

please add your s-video soldering points.
aekara4 years ago
i don't have a projector lens so i tried to make one

here are some photos

will it work?

projector lens.JPGprojector lens 2.JPG
philskii4 years ago
hey newton, im trying to follow this instructable but i have a few questions.. firstly. i need some help with getting the lens, Ive currently got a alpex telephoto, but im not 100% sure that will work as it gives me tiny images, secondly, how far does the image have to travel to be the right size for the lens. ( mine is 3.5" LCD)
Ngdbud5 years ago
Two questions. Does it have to be a triplet lens or could a single lens work instead? And, Do you know how many X's magnification your lens is?
eviltoaster5 years ago
Can you please help me find a cheap way to fix a projector lens. i bouth a 3.5" lcd from ebay today. and a few other stuff so i only have the light and projector lens left. Thanks for an awesome tutorial.
hi newtonn2 ... can i use the side projector lens to put on this one..? my lcd is 3.5inch..
newtonn2 (author)  jonathansinkimee5 years ago
Hi there!
If by "side" projector lens you mean "slide" projector lens, the answer will be no. Sorry I tried b4 with a slide projector lens for this screen size and it didn't work.

KcPower5 years ago
Where can I find a projector lens?