Step 14: Work out the Distances

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We now have everything ready to work out the distances This really depends on your personal setting of the condenser lens, LCD, mirrors, lenses... etc..

  - The best thing to do is play with the distances and mark everything once you're happy with the result.
  - Try the distances where you will think the projector is going to be. Some lenses wont focus from too far and too close.

This is my setting. I used two mirrors to keep the enclosure as small as possible.

My lens flips the image and I have no Idea why? Is that normal?

sheen1105 years ago
hi im i right in saying the only reason you used mirros is because you  wanted minimal scratches from the condenser lens light? or is there anothler reason?
newtonn2 (author)  sheen1105 years ago
 Did you read the Instructable?  Sorry if I didn't explain it good.

The only reason why I used mirrors is to make the box smaller. You could do everything without mirrors, just place everything in a straight line.
samr37l5 years ago
what do you meen by "play with the distances". What should I do?
Sam R. 
newtonn2 (author)  samr37l5 years ago
 When you have all the components, you need to try to see what is the distances between the components. You can do that by turning everything on and play with the distances between led and LCD and Lenses.
 Hi Newtonn2, nice project. I have been through similar steps on a project of a small led projector but without the use of fresnel lenses. The part I didn't understand was where the fresnel lenses are set in your project. I saw in another DIY project that they put the lcd screen in between those lenses, but in your case, where are they set? Thanks and congrats for the whole job.
newtonn2 (author)  cnobrega5 years ago
In the Instructable I do explain why I've done this. There is two ways of doing it , one is like you said and the other one is like I've done it. The downside about how I've done it is that you can't do keystoning adjustments but the good thinks is that the screen will show less marks if the fresnel is scratch.