Step 20: USB Multimedia Reader

Picture of USB Multimedia Reader
circuit dvd.jpg
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usb 2.jpg
Here are a few pictures of the multimedia player. I had a portable DVD player that din't want to read DVD's any more so I took it apart and place it inside the projector.
arifsethi5 years ago
Newtonn2, first of all im really impressed by ur instructable; i've read all ur instructables and they drag me into to make one for my self. which i'll shortly start. but u have improved alot your design was very cool and easy to made as well and the videos u put togather for all of us was the great job. at the end when u put this player thing in it u totally draged it into the next level. and im sure next time u'll come up with the wifi enabled projector add-on. once again great job... owesome
sheen1105 years ago
how were you able to make the PCB board compatable with the small LCD Screen you have i have been trying to work out how to adapt something like tis befor i began my project and couldnt find anything any info would be greatly appreciated.
newtonn2 (author)  sheen1105 years ago
I did not do that.  I just used the AV in of the LCD to connect the multimedia reader.
Scelos5 years ago
Do you think so any portable dvd player will be used?
If yes, will they be similar? Or easy to adapt?