Step 8: Schematic

Here is the schematic. Place the voltage regulator in a good heat sink.

With the LM350 I can change the voltage with the 5k variable resistor and at the same time I have the ammeter connected to make sure the amps will not raise 1.7A. (The LED is rated 1.8A but just to be on the safe side)

PLEASE NOTE :  I found a problem on the schematics, there shouldn't be connection between the anode of the 1n4001 and the negative of the 10uf.

Can you use led in staid of lcd or is there such thing
<p>The difference between and LCD and 'LED' screen is a common misconception. The screens themselves are the same, but &quot;LCD&quot; monitors, projectors, and TVs use a florescent or halogen bulb, the first containing mercury, as their backlight. LED monitors, Projects, and TVs use a powerful array or singular LED (light emitting diode) as their backlight. Both use LCD (liquid crystal display) screens. The only exception that I know of is OLED displays, which are new, and not very common outside of newer cellphones, but OLED technology is a topic on it's own.</p>
<p>first of all... d i really liked your project :) it was awesome. i have a question.. i have a small projector baught it from ebay, just to experiment with it, if i change the led it comes brighter? and i have a carl zeiss lens from a hi quality camcorder, it can work?</p>
<p>can i use simple magnifying glass instead triplet</p>
<p>Hey! </p><p>I was thinking of making this myself, thanks for the awesome insctructable. But if I am using a double fresnel from an OHP how big should it be (bigger than the lcd?) and should the lcd be likes some distance away from it or touching it? </p>
<p>Great Job Newtonn2. Liked your design. I am thinking of going with DIY projector using your design. Question I have is you used one Fresnel lens but I saw some other DIY projects with two Fresnel Lenses. Wont it need Second Fresnel Lens to beam the video light on the Projector Lens?</p>
Please tell me how to use fresnel lens and where to face the concentric circle.
Please tell me that fresnel have any focal lenght which you have used or can i use any focal lenght fresnel lens
<p>can any guys give me the total cost of all the DIY Staff, and i am planning on making one, also i received a discount code for led projector: uc 40, http://www.tinydeal.com/tronfy-px2xqs3-p-148179.html , you guys can compare the cost</p>
Can I use the projection lens of real projector? Will it make any difference in performance?
Where did you get the heatsink?
<p>which mirror we use for changing the projection direction and which angle tell me</p><p>and when we change the direction of projection through mirror projection quality down or same please guide me and my email id atul.nayak22@rediffmail.com </p>
<p>which mirror we use for changing the projection direction and which angle tell me</p><p>and when we change the direction of projection through mirror projection quality down or same please guide me and my email id atul.nayak22@rediffmail.com </p>
I wnat to add mirror in my pj. Can i use any type of mirror or special one ?
<p>How black are the blacks? Does a lot of light shine through when the image is supposed to be black? A.K.A. the contrast ratio</p>
How big is the final product??
<p>Very cool project ! </p><p>- After seing it, I made a testing attempt, with &quot;Samsung Digimax S500&quot; (or, Digimax D53). But I fried its main board. So all I still have, is the LCD, and other parts..</p><p>But now I have two questions, how can I reuse the LCD ? and, is there a way to do it with arduino, and keep the original resolution ? </p><p>Here is the service manual of my camera :</p><p><a href="http://diagramasde.com/diagramas/camaras/Digimax%20S500_S600.pdf" rel="nofollow">http://diagramasde.com/diagramas/camaras/Digimax%2...</a></p><p>on page 76, there is a schematic diagram of the board connections to the LCD.</p><p>the CLD part number is : LTV236WQ-F09</p><p>here's the <a href="https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B06_B6Srb4elenF6MDZnOFptWkE/view?usp=sharing" rel="nofollow">picture</a> </p><p>And I have an &quot;arduino Uno&quot;</p><p>any kind of info is much appreciated, thanks allot, in advance ;)</p>
<p>Hi there. I'm glad you like the project, thank you very much. I can't help you with that, I have no idea. But generally it is best to get another one. It is better to use one with video input, as if you use a camera LCD, it will be difficult to get that to work with an AV input. </p><p>Sorry I can't help much. </p>
<p>Hi, thanks for the comment.</p><p>- Well, I figured as much, couse, I don't have a clue ether :) though, buying one like you mentioned, is about the same like buying a used projector... What if, I get a projector with an expired lamp, and try to replace it with LAD's ? :) just a thought. </p><p>Aside from that, I'm still going to look for ways to implement the present LCD. </p><p>Well, any input is still welcome, thanks again, all best.</p>
can y'all help me out and give me some way of finding freznal lenses or give me alternatives to a freznal lenses.....I read somewhere that the lenses in reading glasses would do but don't know
never mind guys I looked into it and found what I need. thx anyway
<p>is this working well with a vga/composite converter? And how is the quality compared to other projectors?</p>
<p>I have a very old camera panasonic m7 and running, I wonder if I can use the front where the lenses are. Has manual adjustment of focus and altomatico. If she will will work by sending light with good quality in my projection.</p>
<p>has anyone tried to use amoled screen and any success ???? </p>
<p>Hello,<br>Thank you soooooo much for your tutorial :D It's been fantastic! I've almost almost almost finished with it - I literally need to wait for one lot of glue to dry and glue something else then I'm done. That's it, poof! Earlier you said &quot;send me a video of your finished product&quot; so I will tomorrow. Cause glue drying... eh. But seriously I can't thank you enough for providing me with weekends of fun :D</p>
<p>Hi,</p><p>first to say great job!! On the projector and instructions as well. But...i am stuck :) and hope you could help me out a little. I am confused regarding fresnel lenses. Where to put them? 1st image shows one lens before and one after the LCD but you put them together and put them before LCD(before would be LED side, and after lens side). And how close should fresnel be to LCD?all the way, or?Thx ;)</p>
Thank you very much. You can add the two fresnel lenses together before the LCD screen. If you want to adjust keystonning you need to separate them and have one b4 and the other after. You need to adjust the distance, but not to far really. I always give it a rig test before thinking on the side of the box.
<p>Oh thanks..now it makes sense. I will skip keystonning for now...I just want to make it work first :) and the image will be in the same level as the projector so i want to make it as simple as possible. Thanks again for all the help!!!</p><p>btw. i got my eye on ATX power supply as well. :). i am in great need of one of those. Great job again!</p><p>cheers</p>
<p>My lens flips the image and I have no Idea why? Is that normal?</p>
<p>Do the mirrors have to be cut to a certain size? Like if I have my 10&quot; panel will I need a 10&quot; mirror?</p>
<p>I'm gonna try this with my 10&quot; 1366x768 monitor and 50W LED but do you need one of those massive lenses or can you just use an OHP lens?</p>
Hi there!<br>That's cool, please share some photos once you have ir working.<br>You can use an OHP lens. Just make sure it is a triplet lens.<br>
<p>Well at the moment I have the lcd sitting on the OHP and it seems to work ok but it's a bit dark. I'm also already using the LED. So I'm thinking it should work - thanks for all your help :)</p>
<p>I'm going to make my own with a 7&quot; 1280x800 LCD , that must be a challenge ! Thanks for your sharing !</p>
<p>how much did anyone pay for the stuff</p>
<p>Cool I like this instructable very inspiring</p>
got mine working. but due to this being 330mm fl lenses you have to place it verry far away to get a decent size projection. how did you fix it or how can i ?
Hi there! I'm glad your projector is up an running. The best thing to do would be to replace the lens. The lens I used is a varyfocal length.<br><br>I hope you can find something suitable.<br><br>Regards
I am going to build this, but i just need help with the lens. <br>I want to know if this lens will create a decent size projection and throw range. <br> <br>http://www.ebay.com/itm/Epson-LCD-Projection-Lens-For-Experiments-DIY-Home-Projector-Glass-Lenses-/181075380111 <br> <br>if not, can you please post a reply with some sort of specific lens to look for or give me advice, Thanks!
Hi there. It is difficult to tell just looking at the picture, they did not give any info. Mine is an LCD projector lens, so for that price I would give a go an try.<br>What is the size of your LCD?
Its quite big at about 7in. Should i try for a smaller screen, or is there a way to make it work with this one?
i dont have as much luck as you do i guess. the image is real sharp just not verry bigg.
It work with this http://www.ebay.com/itm/A4-Size-Desk-Type-Magnifying-Glass-Fresnel-Lenses-Magnifier-for-Read-Book-/121189956022?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&amp;hash=item1c377bf9b6 ?
Dear Newton2, <br> <br>Excellent work and congratulations! your project has made me to pick up my old physics books :D <br>I am planning to do make one for myself, please can you help me with some queries when you are free? <br>1. Do we really need fresnel lens (say it is a single piece), if yes, do I need to place in front of the LCD? <br>2. If I go with a LCD controller kit with HDMI input port, can I have my iphone/laptop connected so it takes input from these sources? <br>3. May be a stupid question, are zoom lens &amp; projector lens same? <br> <br>Many thanks.
I found condenser lenses that are coupled with diffusers to collimate the light. It seems like using one of these would eliminate the need for at least one of the fresnel lenses. Does anyone know if this is true? http://www.thorlabs.com/newgrouppage9.cfm?objectgroup_id=5812
Hi, I am planning to use this instructable as the basis for my own project and have a couple questions. 1. Do you know if it is possible to project through an AMOLED screen instead of an LCD? I was thinking to disassemble a used Zune HD, because it will be really easy to reuse the audio components as well as the screen. 2. Instead of using all the individual capacitors and resistors you have listed above, can I just use an LED driver power supply? There is a good pairing on Ebay of a 50w 5000+ LM LED and driver here for pretty cheap: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Warm-White-50W-High-Power-LED-Light-Lamp-Chip-LED-Power-Supply-Driver-/310749765128?nma=true&amp;si=xtTjwKCaAYkPXWlHUNacmZTeWCw%253D&amp;orig_cvip=true&amp;rt=nc&amp;_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Thanks!
Hi there!<br><br>I don't think you can use an OLED display unfortunately. <br><br>The best thing will be to buy the LED driver.<br><br>Regards
i have made one but the projection size is same as lens size <br>help plzzzzz <br>
can u help me ? i am using PSP LCD , the light coming from led just stops when it reaches the LCD screen . what should i do ? help me <br>
Hey newtonn2, Thanks for this great instructable. I tried this about a year ago and ran into a lot of trouble with it mainly the light source. But i finally have time to go at it again. One thing the only 30w led like yours i can find on ebay are of 34-36V and the circuit that you have given with all that on there it does not provide that much voltage for the light. Do you know of a way i can get the voltage up to that much? Also i had trouble finding a fresnel lens but i will try to find one this time through a overhead projector. If you could just help with the light source problem that would be great. <br> <br>Thanks!

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