DIY Music Staff Roller Stamp





Introduction: DIY Music Staff Roller Stamp

Instructions on how to make a DIY staff roller stamp for taking music notes or quickly jotting down ideas. Hardware parts are under $10 and it takes about 2 minutes to make.

1 brass door hinge post (~3 inches long)
6 small washers that fit on the post (~half inch wide)
5 thin large washers that fit on the post (~1 inch wide)
1 cork, cut in half
1 drill, to drill hole slightly smaller than hinge post in cork halves
1 ink pad
Plastic container to store the stamp (otherwise it gets messy)

Watch the video for building instructions. I tried rubber washers and the ink sticks better, but the lines were too blurry and they were too flimsy. I tried smaller washers but they were too small for the cork. So far, the large metal washers work best.



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    I saw this music staff roller in the movie 'Coco avant Chanel'. I was wondering how to make it myself. You showed me a very easy way. Thanks!

    I believe it's called a stave

    This thing is awesome! Nice idea and massive time saver. I am really bad and ruling up the staff so this is perfect.

    Very resourceful, very simple, very effective. Great idea.

    Very Cool! Nice Tip! Well Done!