Step 1: Things You Need

a plastic bag nail polish of any color clear nail polish for top coat your nails a tool for the design

Step 2: Design

with your tool or brush create any design you please

Step 3:

once it is COMPLETELY dry carfully peel it of and place it on your nail. then apply topcoat to secure it and your done if you want to learn how to do a design with this meathod jist ask me and i will be more than happy to do it
Um... Why don't you just do it right on to the nail? You don't have to peel or anything!
Because lots of people have problems painting the nails on their dominant hand to make them match. If you're right handed, trying to do nail art with your left hand takes a LOT of practice.
its way easier
Yah hehe
hahaha <br>
Lol they also work on windows
DTHammie- r u a girl? Or a boy?
i know good idea lol you guys HAVE to make them they are cool and easy to make and if your not good at doing one hand just make the design and if you guys do make sure u show me
That's really neat! U could sell those:D
This is sooo cool

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