Picture of DIY Naked Coffee Portafilter
Creating/making a naked portafilter is very simple using a hole saw. This how I made mine.

Tools used:
-50mm holesaw
-Dremel and grinding stone or sand paper

Step 1: Step 1

Picture of Step 1
Use hole saw to drill out bottom. 

elou821 year ago
Oh my goodness, that is some beautiful espresso! I've been a full-time barista for nearly 8 years and I have to say, the naked portafilter makes the best espresso, as your picture clearly shows. Very nice work.
Travpena elou823 months ago

how so? what is the difference between this and a normal one?

ak666 (author)  Travpena3 months ago

They allow you to see how the coffee is pouring so you can make changes if its channeling. They can make a mess but they do look cool.

twafer2 years ago
portafilter is absolutely correct! look it up before you post
Zibri2 years ago
portafilter??? what language is that? filter holder, perhaps?